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quick doodle

astronauts doodle



Disney have uploaded Paperman in full. looks really nice but still think it needs more movement on the lines

Animating in Photoshop

came across a tutorial for animating in Photoshop so thought i would try it, what i like is when you set it up it works a lot like After Effects. What i like with animating in Photoshop as well that i didnt in Toon Boom is that i can get any line i want and it wont auto vectorise the line, which is why i wasn’t really happy with Toon Boom. Another good tip in the tutorial is that you can import video files, which i didnt know you could do in Photoshop, so if i wanted to draw over my animations to get the line work i can do that straight over the 3D rendered footage on a seperate layer or straight onto the frame.

here a just a couple of quick tests, the first is just my character drawn and then second is a render of my goldfish character that i’ve then drawn over the top of;


modelled my batman doodle.


Headless Horseman Animation Designs

been designing environment bits for the Headless Horseman animation.Cabin_front



Mushrooms Mushrooms watercolour Mushrooms bark

Workflow Video

so i modeled the fish astronaut and made this ‘workflow’ video, tried adding more movement in the wiggle expression and i think it’s working well;


so the past week i’ve been drawing different bits and bobs, so here they are…


mainly i’ve been drawing these characters and did a little comic thing with them as well;

poster image instagram

Aquatic Death

i’m quite liking them so i’ve modeled the fish character, which i’ll post next

Line Tests in After Effects

I’ve been testing how to get a digital line that looks and acts more like if i were to draw over each frame of animation.

the first test i did was to just get a better texture to the Ink n Paint rendered line, so i added a pencil scribble texture that i scanned in and added onto the line;

along with adding the texture, i rotated the scribbles 90degrees every 2 frames to add more movement to the line. After this test i thought it still didn’t have as much movement to the line as i wanted so i added a ‘wiggle’ expression to the position of the line so it would move slightly off the model to look more like tests i’ve done that were with drawn lines;

After this test i didn’t think the wiggle worked that well so i decided, firstly, to rig the character so i can animate it at some point, and rendered out the character with the generic CAT rig walk cycle. in AE i did the same as the previous tests and added the scribble texture to the line but added more movement to the line in the wiggle expression so the lines actually come away from the model so the line movement is more noticeable than in the previous test. i think it works better than the previous test, but it still doesn’t look at good as if i were to draw the actual lines myself, because with the wiggle the actual lines don’t alter their shape, it’s just their position, but overall i think it works fairly well.

Moving Textures

i unwrapped my astronaut model and added drawn textures that i drew 3 times over and saved as an .avi so the texture would have movement to them like hand drawn lines do. unfortunately 3Ds Max decided to crash before i could render out an outline pass and it didn’t auto save so i lost what i’d done and couldnt get it back and didn’t really feel like redoing all the the unwrapping, drawing the textures 3 times over and re rendering so i just left it as this;

Another Ink n Paint Test

ink n paint texture and line with an ambient pass over it. i think it is looking quite good but need to experiment with the lines a bit more would prefer them to look more like pencil than pen. the only idea i have for doing that is if i scan in a page that is just a charcoal texture and see if that works.