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quick doodle

astronauts doodle



Disney have uploaded Paperman in full. looks really nice but still think it needs more movement on the lines

Animating in Photoshop

came across a tutorial for animating in Photoshop so thought i would try it, what i like is when you set it up it works a lot like After Effects. What i like with animating in Photoshop as well that i didnt in Toon Boom is that i can get any line i want and it wont auto vectorise the line, which is why i wasn’t really happy with Toon Boom. Another good tip in the tutorial is that you can import video files, which i didnt know you could do in Photoshop, so if i wanted to draw over my animations to get the line work i can do that straight over the 3D rendered footage on a seperate layer or straight onto the frame.

here a just a couple of quick tests, the first is just my character drawn and then second is a render of my goldfish character that i’ve then drawn over the top of;


modelled my batman doodle.


Headless Horseman Animation Designs

been designing environment bits for the Headless Horseman animation.Cabin_front



Mushrooms Mushrooms watercolour Mushrooms bark

Workflow Video

so i modeled the fish astronaut and made this ‘workflow’ video, tried adding more movement in the wiggle expression and i think it’s working well;


so the past week i’ve been drawing different bits and bobs, so here they are…


mainly i’ve been drawing these characters and did a little comic thing with them as well;

poster image instagram

Aquatic Death

i’m quite liking them so i’ve modeled the fish character, which i’ll post next