Line Tests in After Effects

I’ve been testing how to get a digital line that looks and acts more like if i were to draw over each frame of animation.

the first test i did was to just get a better texture to the Ink n Paint rendered line, so i added a pencil scribble texture that i scanned in and added onto the line;

along with adding the texture, i rotated the scribbles 90degrees every 2 frames to add more movement to the line. After this test i thought it still didn’t have as much movement to the line as i wanted so i added a ‘wiggle’ expression to the position of the line so it would move slightly off the model to look more like tests i’ve done that were with drawn lines;

After this test i didn’t think the wiggle worked that well so i decided, firstly, to rig the character so i can animate it at some point, and rendered out the character with the generic CAT rig walk cycle. in AE i did the same as the previous tests and added the scribble texture to the line but added more movement to the line in the wiggle expression so the lines actually come away from the model so the line movement is more noticeable than in the previous test. i think it works better than the previous test, but it still doesn’t look at good as if i were to draw the actual lines myself, because with the wiggle the actual lines don’t alter their shape, it’s just their position, but overall i think it works fairly well.


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