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Short Idea

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Model Textured

couldn’t add turbo/meshsmooth to the model because it screwed up all of the textures but still works without being smoothed. and textures and look of the model are pretty close to the original doodle.


3D spin;

Another Doodle and Model Test


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Dip Pen Doodles

Found my old dip pen a while ago and used it for drawing details for the hut texture, what i like about using dip pen is i can just paint straight over the drawing with watercolours, or ink washes in the case of the hut. and since then i can’t seem to stop using it.


i was talking to my little cousins and showing them my work, and they said i never do any girls and i realised i’ve never really drawn women/girls, so i messed around trying to draw girls/women and came up with this character for them.

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Quick Shot Ideas

was looking through my storyboards over the weekend because i started writing a script and felt like all the shot were really quite boring, they were all pretty samesy. so i thought up these two quick shots for the start of the animation. it was pretty late when i thought them up and wanted to quickly doodle them down so i thought i try doing them digitally, so i just used the point to point lasso tool to quickly draw them out and block fill them with different shades of grey, then just add a watercolour texture over the top so they didn’t look to dis interesting  i quite like how they came out for just quick doodles with the lasso tool.



Here is my modeled and textured character, he has come out pretty well. i have decided to have moving textures on only the character show the character subtley stands out from the background.

rigged with CAT and posed it, and did a really quick test to see how the fire of the torch would work, i think all it needs to be in a plane with a moving texture on it and i’ll rotate the plane so its face on to the camera for each shot.

because the fire test was really quick and i didn’t even bother to do an opacity mask for it i thought i’d do more of a test just focusing on the fire, so i quickly drew a few different fire images and daved them as PNG files and imported them into After Effects to add to the rendered image of the character.

here is the same test again but in this one i was trying different effects in After Effects to give the look of old film. i tried adding a scratch  layer over the top of the video but it looked too chaotic and distracting then i tried adding a dirt layer with a multiply layer type over the image, made up of different old stained paper textures, but again this looked too distracting, i also feel the look of the changing watercolour background looks fine for turntables of the hut and characters but for the final thing i think it will be too distracting. so from that i decided to have a still of the watercolour texture in the background and just change the watercolour background as the camera angle/scene changes. in the test below i’ve tried adding the dirt layer i made to just the watercolour background and i feel it works fairly well, it also allows me full control over the dirt layer so i can increase/decrease the intensity of it.

the final video is a quick walkcycle test i did with the character, but i think it’s fair to saying animating isn’t my strongest area. i  have had to hide the cape for now because i haven’t started looking into cloth simulations for it yet and it was distracting.

Long overdue

So, I started by moving my hut into 3D.

after modeling the hut i started texturing it, and found that i couldn’t find the best look for the hut. i came up with variations of the hut;

1st, i textured it with the look and colour scheme of the original designs i had done.

2nd, i painted a watercolour texture, because i wasn’t overly keen on the flat colour of the first, i had added a generic water colour texture over it but it wasn’t very noticable.

3rd, i combined the two to make a more textured colour version and made the colours more muted and subtle, because i felt the colours of the original looks too bold.

After having all these i still couldn’t really decide on one i actually wanted to use, and i realised that it was because i was looking at them from a design perspective rather than looking at them to see what is best for the narrative. looking at them from more of a design perspective is useless because they all work, so i can never really decide on one. after these tests i realised i needed to first decide on a look and feel for the narrative before i could begin to make a final decision.

I decided to make the decision of having it look like an old black and white horror film, because i like the idea of the opening scene, where it starts in a dark forest, with an old rickety hut, and the door slowly opens to reveal a silhouette of this headless man with a skull for a head and as he walks out of the shadows it reveals that he’s actually a weak framed, innocent looking character.

From finally deciding on a look and feel that best suits the narrative i decided on the watercolour texture because it added texture to the hut rather than having just plain blocks of shades of grey.

After deciding on the texture i began to focus more on the look of the final outcome of the hut to fit a old black and white horror film.

I did some research by watching bits of nosferatu and the cabinet of dr caligari.

From watching these i found that because of the old film it the whites seems to bleed and blur out a bit, and the contrast of the blacks and whites needed to be higher, also with this i decided to re paint the texture but using ink washes rather than watercolours because black watercolour seems to go a bit light and faded, so i couldn’t get the best blacks and dark tones, with inks its a bit more under my control of the tones and doing the ink washes on watercolour paper still gives a nice texture.

this is the test i tweeked and played around with in After Effects.

overall i’m happy with this final test, it has good tones of dark and light, and i think the faded whites works how i wanted it to.

After finalizing the look, i realised again that the hut wasn’t going to work with the narrative because the door was just a drawn texture on the box, so has is the door going to open and the character walk out. i decided to re model to hut all together because i found that there were some parts that weren’t looking right because i was still constraining myself to what the hut would be like in ‘real life’ and what i had drawn, so the original model was a mismatch of both my drawing and what i perceived to be right as an actual hut. the main area i found wasn’t working was the roof. on the drawings from the front it was a straight line, but because i felt the hut should be somewhat symmetrical i modeled the roof to what i felt the hut should be shaped like. After beginning to re model i decided to develop the model further, to improve the look of it. i added a stone chimney to the side of the hut, a door that was a seperate object so it will actually open, hollowed out a large area behind the door for the character to step out of and decided to model the window frames as well to add a little more detail to the hut because as it was in the original it felt flat, and felt that i could quite easily just draw the hut in. even though they were only small amendments to the original model i feel that they really seem to enhance the hut and give it a nicer look.

(the post below shows the comparison of the orginal and new model)

Showing the amended hut model in our tutorial feedback was that they felt a stove chimney would work better with the look of the old hut.

So here is the final hut, that was modeled and textured