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I have got time to unwrap all the individual control and corridors so i’ve just tried to model them as true to my reference drawings as i can. I would of liked to of unwrapped and drawn all details on but i haven’t got enough time to do all that, so i’ve unwrapped the parts that i feel are more important to the story such as the astro’s screens as there will be shots of them working/watching tv on these. the corridors as well i would of liked to of added more detail but i feel they don’t need to have drawn details on them as they aren’t the main focal point of any shot.

wall_controls Ship_Corridor Opening_Scene_Corridor2 Opening_Scene_Corridor1 control_deck_desk2 control_deck_desk1 control_deck

Fish Food

Characters so far

More Controls

the original control room was looking a bit sparse so i’ve drawn out and modelled more bits and bobs to fill it with. i still haven’t completely figured out how the control room will look yet but for the most part it will be a liitle room with a door at the back like the corridor from the post below and then the front control table where some of the controls will be but mainly have the dual screens as the main feature of the control table because this is where the human astro will see the news article on the other ships attack.

004 003 002 001Controls_3D

I’ve also started to think a bit about how to make the ship a bit more personal to the astronauts so i’ve made a cartridge player underneath the large of the two screens that will be ‘happy chaps’ that will be playing before the news article cuts in and also a couple of additional cartirdges dotted over the human astros desk area withe written notes on such as ‘mum and dad June 3015’ etc.

then for the goldfish i was thinking of just having a tub of fish on his area.



Environment Modelled

These three are the corridor of the opening scene, i’ve tried to make the ship look a little bit more old and worn down, but i think the textures should help show that better because i’m trying to get it to feel more like the lower decks of the ship that is rarely visited. I haven’t bothered with doors in this corridor mainly for the reason that they aren’t need in the story and to give it more of a claustrophobic feel and the idea there’s no escape. If there were doors then when the astronaut sees the alien he would just run to a door and lock himself in the room.001 002003

This other image is for the other ship for the main part of the story. i’ve tried to make it look a bit more clean with lights in the bottom of the walls rather than exposed pipes as this would be more the living quarters for the astronauts. obviously i’ve added doors to the corridor for the narrative of the human astronaut walking into the room where the fish astronaut is to find the cat in his helmet. some more pipes are going to be added as well just to bulk out the environment a bit more.


After Effects Extras

This was just a quick test, of what i want it to look like when the alien is hit by the laser, i still haven’t got a design for the actually alien yet but should be easy enough to draw up if i follow the skeleton.

and this is just a quick test of the titles in Aquatic Astro

After Effects Test

i started doing this drawing


and i quite liked the pose of the alien astro and i’ve wanted to try using for After Effects puppet tool, so i decided to just take the alien and play around in After Effects, i was only planning on animating him hovering up and down to start with.

so to start the puppet tool i had to break the character into different sections to layer on top of each other so each limb can move independently so this is how the alien looked before putting it all back together and colouring it.

puppet_segmentsafter putting it all together again i started rigging it in AE and then started animating it. i found it really easy to set up the rig and animate in AE so i ended up playing with it all morning and this is what i got

Overall i was happy with how it was looking. and after asking Andy for some feedback i decided to tweak the areas from the feedback and also decided to actually make it into a little mini short (which i still haven’t finished yet) but i’m basically using original drawing i started as a reference for the story, so from that original i tweaked the parts i got feedback from, which were, that he needs to get pushed backwards more for the revolver firing and also that the gun needed to glow more just before shooting. so i changed these parts and then decided to add the character moving into frame and being startled, so he has a reason to just be standing there and firing and also added the next shot of the laser shooting across. i also added an extra layer to dark the whole scene, with a mask to act as the light source lighting up the environment as the character enters.


this was just a drawing i did because i was getting a bit bored designing controls and corridors.


although it was only really a draw to do something different, i think i could use it because from my research the ships all obviously have personal touches from the crew, and i thought maybe i could add this in as a photo one of the could have taped/frame at their station.


Spaceship Research

Feedback from bits of work for Aquatic Astro was that the actual ship was looking a bit empty and B-movie looking, so i watched Alien, Brazil (not a space film, but i like the dated futuristic look to the technology), darkstar, defcon4, fifth element, moon, pandorium and looked at the millennium falcon.

i ended up with about 60 screen caps from all the films, here are a few.

from looking at all these films, i realised that a lot of the room shapes aren’t usually wall to floor at a 90 degree angle so i decided to add in an extra break up the 90 degree angle of the wall and floor meeting, and overall just add more details to the scenes. i still haven’t found a design i’m happy with for the control room yet, i like the idea of having huge work stations but i want the front view empty so i can get the establishing shot of the astro and the goldfish astro sitting next to each other. so i’ve still not come up with anything good yet for that.

for the corridors i did these two designs.

corridor_front corridor_angle

feedback from these is that they look a little like a swimming pool, which i can see. i think its the colour of the walls and tiles so i’ve change them to more grey and dark, but haven’t dont better examples yet, ive got these;

Alien_Astro_BG_2 Alien_Astro_BG_3 Alien_Astro_BG_1these aren’t the best, they’re a bit bare, but i’ve drawn these for a After Effects test i’m doing so they’re more empty than i would like just so they don’t draw too much attention away from the characters.

Even though i still haven’t settled on a design for the control room, i’ve started designing a few controls that i want to bulk out the control deck to make it look more substantial, i decided to design them so they are fairly generic so i can add multiples of them and add them next to one another.