More Controls

the original control room was looking a bit sparse so i’ve drawn out and modelled more bits and bobs to fill it with. i still haven’t completely figured out how the control room will look yet but for the most part it will be a liitle room with a door at the back like the corridor from the post below and then the front control table where some of the controls will be but mainly have the dual screens as the main feature of the control table because this is where the human astro will see the news article on the other ships attack.

004 003 002 001Controls_3D

I’ve also started to think a bit about how to make the ship a bit more personal to the astronauts so i’ve made a cartridge player underneath the large of the two screens that will be ‘happy chaps’ that will be playing before the news article cuts in and also a couple of additional cartirdges dotted over the human astros desk area withe written notes on such as ‘mum and dad June 3015’ etc.

then for the goldfish i was thinking of just having a tub of fish on his area.




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