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Mushroom Inspector update

character modelled and textured. and mushroom and tree stump as close to the original drawing as possible.


Mushroom Inspector so far

Expo Vid

Quick mini project

So starting to model my mushroom inspector character from these doodles:

Mushroom_Inspector_Jar mushroom_inspector_finalso i’ve drawn out the t pose for the character and started modelling it. the only issue i find is that the character works nicely in the second picture above with that angle and positioning of the eyes, etc. and you seem to lose something with an actual front view of the character even in the first pic above something doesn’t seem quite right with the character, but i’m going to persevere just because i want to experiment with Maya and start to add rendered outlines onto a character with drawn textures as well.

T-Pose drawing:



Aquatic Astro

Finally got round to uploading final short..